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Ты, кажется, читаешь только затем, чтобы находить что-нибудь насчёт тебя и меня. Впрочем, все женщины так читают. © И.А. Бунин
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сил хватает только на то, чтобы тупить в тумблер
Angela Bowie: «His face was perfectly structured to classical proportions, forehead to nose and nose to chin measurements being equal-with high, wide cheekbones pulled tightly down into mischievously chiseled chin. His skin was creamy smooth.
His beard very light, his hair ash blond like mine bordered his face in a halo of soft little curls and his eyebrows as finely blond as his hair, arched gracefully to frame that one divine asymmetry - one green eye and one blue... erotic and compelling.
David stands five foot ten and five foot eleven.
His shoulders are broad like mine and although he's always been slender the sinew and muscle in his arms and legs foretold the powerhouse i would find in his chest and pelvis.
His fingers were long and artistic with strong squared off fingernails and usually they held a cigarette.
David speaks softly, and the tembre of his voice is rich and intelligent. It's an almost hypnotically instrument... He has full, sensual lips which demand kissing, perhaps gently, perhaps not»


А подать мне сюда мемуары Энджи!

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