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выдержки из интервью с автором книги, которая возглавила мой Боуи-вишлист *___*
«1972. Over forty years ago. But still those days float through the eyes: the make-up, the pout, the pose, the clothes, the riffs, the words, the voice, the songs, the attitude... Oh! Look at the pretty things and you'll be sure to see him: the moonage daydreamer with screwed-up eyes and screwed-down hairdo; the man who fell to Earth from the prettiest star... He's there in the sex and the showbiz, the greatness and the glitter, the grotesque and the glam; he's there in the noise, the flair, the hair and the despair; in the fuck up and the freak out, the freaking in tongues, the tongue in cheek. He's there in morse-code drums and laser-beam guitars, and he's there when everything's turned up to eleven. He's there when it's none more black, in the calm before the solar storm and in the twist of cosmic fate. He's there in the market squares, ice-cream parlours, opera houses, and all your favourite melodies. He's there in the boys' toys, electric irons and TVs. He's there when it's cold and it rains and you feel like an actor. And he's there when you think of Ma and you want to get back there. And when the knives seem to lacerate your brain, hang on to yourself! Give him your hands! He's wonderful...»

«As a writer i'm more influenced by fiction than journalism so the style or tone of this book owes more to authors like Ray Bradbury, Jack Kerouac and Anthony Burgess, the poetic science of Carl Sagan and the films of Stanley Kubrick. There are a lot of in-jokes and homages in "Ziggyology" which not everyone will get. Even the prologue, a roving tour of London which sucks the reader in using present tense, is my very deliberate homage to chapter one of Dickens' "Bleak House". And the whole shape of the book is obviously stolen from H.G. Wells' "The War of the Worlds". I mean, "The Eve Of No More"? I cannot resist a good pun, sorry» В книге полно отсылок к тому-то и тому-то, которые не всем будут доступны. Сейчас расскажу, какие. Чувак, иди сюда - обниму. Х') *сама такая же просто*

«Part history, part space opera and part rock-n-roll cartoon» Shut up and take my money already! Нет, серьёзно, очень хочется заиметь.

«The transition chapter is called "The Modern Prometheus" which, as many people will realise, is a nod to the original subtitle for Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein"» Не опять, а снова. Х) Но вот это я даже читала.

«In terms of reference, Kevin Cann and Nicholas Pegg have sewn it up, their books are The Ones. The many biographies vary in quality but in my view Trynka's is the best all-rounder and some of the out-of-print ones, the Gillmans and Zanetta, are also fascinating. Even the 1974 George Tremlett one i really like, there's an innocence about it that really echoes the times» себе на заметку - известные биографии

«I know it's probably a like or loathe book. You have to be willing to go with Ziggy and get lost in the fantasy or you're never going to get it. Like Marc Bolan once said: "Fuck off or keep cool, y'know?"» В том-то и дело, что я хочу пойти с Зигги! ТТ

«The Hammersmith Odeon, where Ziggy died, was designed by the same architect who designed the cinema where Bowie's parents first met in Tunbridge Wells» я уже говорила, что эта статья - один сплошной бальзам на все возможные раны? Х)

«The book jumps straight into Ziggy's world. In the second half of the book David is always Ziggy while Bolder and Woodmansey are only referred to by their Spiders names of Weird and Gilly» кусочки мозаики в очередной раз сложились воедино - мне наконец-то стало известно происхождение поистине странных бакенбард басиста Тревора Болдера (читаем цитату Джорджа Андервуда) - остаётся загадкой, свои или нет, и как Боуи удалось его уговорить, если они с ударником Вуди Вудманси даже костюмы поначалу отказывались надевать; к слову, а каким было "паучье" имя Мика Ронсона?

[про любимое] «It's ["TR&FOZS&TSFM"] certainly a favourite, but not the favourite. I agree with Bowie when he said "Aladdin Sane" is better and, ironically, i probably prefer "Diamond Dogs" overall to both. The "Ziggy Stardust" album has some amazing moments: "Rock-n-roll Suicide" alone is unrivalled, but for me "Aladdin Sane", "Time", "The Jean Genie", "Diamond Dogs" and especially the whole "Sweet Thing / Candidate / Sweet Thing (Reprise)" suite are Bowie at his glam-era best. But, obviously, i adore the "Ziggy Stardust" album. Apart from "It Ain't Easy". It was recorded for a different album ("Hunky Dory") and i think it shows. I still wish he'd put "Holy Holy" or "Velvet Goldmine" on instead» чувааак! let me love you!!! практически полный ППКС

«Musically speaking, these days i think you hear far more echoes of 1970s Berlin Bowie or 1980s "Scary Monsters..." Bowie than you do early 1970s "Ziggy Stardust" Bowie. The influence of Ziggy is more in terms of aesthetics, fashion and art. Lady Gaga doesn't sound like Ziggy but, aesthetically, she is the unrivalled goddaughter of Ziggy» sad, but true

«Morrissey was one of many disciples of Ziggy who (when still a teenager) saw him live - as did Madonna, and as did Ian Curtis. When you think of the influence those three alone would later have, there lies the epic sweep of the Ziggy character's legacy. And the first time Morrissey was ever mentioned in the music press was in Sounds in November 1972 in a list of competition winners for the "Ziggy Stardust" album. They printed his name wrong. "Steve Morrisey". So Morrissey is fatally influenced by David Bowie» короче, все эти ваши Яны Кёртисы... ну вы поняли %)

«What Bowie did in the 1970s was unique, the scale of the musical innovation in tandem with international superstardom. If you had to pick an iconic equivalent in the 1980s on the same scale it'd have to be a two horse race between Michael Jackson, the pop alien, and Madonna, the sexual liberator. So while i'd definitely say that Morrissey was the greatest British pop singer to emerge since Bowie, if you really had to plot their vibrations on the seismograph of pop influence you'd see a massive difference. But comparing anyone to Bowie on those terms feels unfair, as it would The Beatles» чувак до этого написал аж две книжки про The Smiths - к слову, последняя цитата служит отличным подведением итога недавнему так называемому конфликту Моррисси и Боуи (где Моррисси и где Боуи, это называется), про сам конфликт мне писать лень - читайте в "Снобе", если что Х)

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